Water Fire Extinguisher

Finest Water Fire Extinguisher supplier, TopWinsafety

Water Extinguishers are mainly used on solids for instance, on wood, paper and on fabrics. It is easily penetrate the hot burning substance to cool down the fire, make the flame smoother and prevent from re catching fire. This type of extinguisher is appropriate for class A fire only.

The good thing of this type of extinguisher is that it does not hold any unsafe chemicals and can protectively utilized around market place, children present at surroundings and near weak adults too. Filling up of water extinguisher is economical and simple.

In the event that water extinguishers are to be utilized close electrical tools we would suggest picking water extinguishers with added substances that stop the flow moving through the extinguisher spray.

Like other types of extinguishers, water fire extinguisher is also used widely in fire fighting industry. Mainly used on paper materials, wood and clothing materials. It is very quick in response and not harmful while handling it.

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