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Premium Range of Foam Fire Extinguishers by TOPWINSAFETY

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), commonly known as the fire fighting foam extinguisher, it is the most popular type of extinguisher used worldwide followed by Dry powder and Co2. Topwinsafety Foam Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer produce best fire extinguishers that are suitable to encounter burning solids such as wood and further fluid fire combustion such as petrol. The water content in foam assists for chilling down the fire, whereas the foam wastes away the flame of oxygen. Topwinsafety leading the best foam fire extinguishers manufacturers, highly recommend these sorts of extinguishers perfect to keep in working places and also for home safety appliances. Normally all the cylinder body is painted in red but to make each types distinctive, foam extinguisher is labeled in Cream color.

As we believe in providing our customers with the best fire extinguishing products our AFFF is not just only capable of extinguishing fire rapidly but it holds the capability of cooling down and preventing fire from reigniting. This type of fire extinguishers are highly useful for confined places such as schools, hospitals, office and factories where the fire needs to be immediately cool down to prevent much damage. We offer different size of cylinders that can be used for different places offering ease of use. Foam extinguisher performs best in extinguishing solid materials and burning of highly inflammable chemicals such as petrol.

Product Specification

Our Foam Fire Extinguishers are commonly used for Class B fires alongside being effective on Class A fires as well. Foam Fire Extinguishers comprises of water & foam. Foam used within these extinguishers can easily float on top of the burning liquid & terminates the chain reaction caused due to mixing of flames & liquids surface. Our extinguishers can easily maintain non polar flammable liquids such as petrol but in terms of utilization on polar liquids such as alcohol it can lose its effect within small amount of time. Topwinsafety being a reliable Foam Fire Extinguishers Manufacturer offers diverse range of foam extinguishers. Industries that utilize high quantity of polar liquids can prefer usage of our "alcohol resistant foams" especially designed to extinguish polar liquid flames.

Our Foam Fire Extinguishers are highly reliable, durable, long lasting & cost efficient. We provide proper instructions to our valuable customers to ensure their safety. Our alcohol foam extinguishers must be operated gently in order to ensure safety & effectiveness. Our foam fire extinguishers are widely preferred within thousands of organizations across the globe due to our high quality product & service.

Why Topwinsafety Foam fire extinguishers manufacturers

  • Because we are leading the international market as an intensifying top-notch foam fire extinguishers manufacturers.
  • Topwinsafety More Shine group LTD do not only fulfill the demand and needs of the international market for fire safety products, but we also take it as our corporate responsibility to manufacture premium quality fire safety devices that are also easy on the pocket.
  • With our cost effective production we make it happen to deliver best competitive fire safety products at best quality in most affordable prices almost all over the world.
  • We try to do something more for our global namely customers by entertaining the customized needs and best customer support (24-7) in cut-rate prices.

Application & Usage

Foam fire extinguishers manufacturers classify products for utilization based on Classes i.e. A & B fire situations. However, foams are not recommended for fire situations including power and electricity. Nonetheless they are safer than water if accidentally spread onto live electrical equipment. Due to their light weight & enhanced fire suppressing abilities these fire extinguishers are mostly preferred in commercial offices, business, sports arenas, industries etc. These fire extinguishers are mainly based on water along with the foaming agent so that the foam can float on top of the blazing liquid and split the contact between the flames and the fuel surface.

Although foam extinguishers are more expensive than water due its versatility and exceptional fire suppressing ability but are not suitable for fire caused by electrical short circuits. This type of extinguisher is best for chemical burning such as paint petrol. Its foam helps in cooling down and prevents fire from reigniting and helps in quick fire suppressing. The foam floats over the burning substance and breaks the bond between fire and the surface that is fueling up the fire. Foam extinguishers are highly safer than water extinguishers and are more efficient in fire suppressing.

Advantages of Topwinsafety Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam Fire Extinguishers are significantly more effective than water extinguishers. Topwinsafety foam extinguishers are most favorable for commercial & industrial purposes as a 6 liter foam extinguisher is similar to a 9 liter water extinguisher in all manners which includes fire rating as well.

In terms of weight Foam extinguishers are most favorable as they weigh around 4kg less than a common water extinguisher which is why mostly commercial offices, business & industrial manufacturers prefer installation of foam extinguisher instead of water extinguishers. Topwinsafety foam fire extinguishers provide enhanced combating ability against Class B flammable liquid fires mostly caused due to petrol, diesel etc. Foam extinguishers apart from all this are also beneficial in terms of providing cost efficiency.

Foam extinguishers are easy to carry to due to the light and offer more extinguishing content inside the cylinder as compared to water extinguisher. As it is very easy to carry and use this type of extinguisher can be used by anyone that is the reason it is widely used in schools, offices, and other commercial places. With remarkable effectiveness foam extinguishers offers cost-saving extinguishing solutions. Our foam extinguishers are best to cool down materials and in preventing fire re-ignition due to its foam. The foam creates a hindrance between fire and the fuel as it acts as a separation layer.

Quality Assurance

Foam fire extinguishers manufacturer Topwinsafety has its own quality division which makes sure that each product is manufactured as accurately to the quality standards as described by our quality control experts and we make sure to sustain it right through the overall production process.

Our every product goes through strict quality control standard that assure high efficiency and unsurpassed performance. Our strict quality criteria are the evident that we highly care about our valuable customers and we put our utmost effort in providing them with the best extinguishing products. Each of our cylinders is tested and examined by highly professional and trained technicians to eliminate any chances of errors and malfunctioning. Our state of the art quality standards makes sure that the extinguisher will perform to its very best and it should be easy to use.

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